Friday, February 12, 2010

Governor Perdue Appoints Melissa Carter as Georgia Child Advocate

Governor Sonny Perdue today appointed Melissa D. Carter as Georgia’s Child Advocate.

“Melissa’s dedication to the state’s child advocacy programs and her passion for improving the health and well being of Georgia’s children make her the right selection for this position,” Governor Perdue said.

Carter has served as the Deputy Director of the Office of the Child Advocate for the Protection of Children since August 2007. She was awarded the 2009 Marshall Memorial Fellow, German Marshall Fund of the United States. She has also been a member of the Advisory Committee of the Supreme Court of Georgia Committee in Justice for Children since 2007.

In January, Governor Perdue appointed a Nominating Committee for Georgia’s Child Advocate consisting of Tommy Hills, Mary Eleanor Wickersham and Josh Belinfante. The vacancy was created by the resignation of Tom Rawlings, who will serve as the director of the International Justice Mission in Guatemala.

The text of the Governor’s Executive Order is below:

whereas:              o.c.g.a. § 15-11-172(b) provides that the child advocate shall serve
                           terms of three years; and

whereas:             the office of child advocate has become vacant; and

whereas:             o.c.g.a. § 15-11-172(a) requires the appointment of a nominating
committee to consider nominees for the position of the advocate and that such nominating committee recommend at least three candidates to serve as advocate. 

now, therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me as governor of the state of georgia, it is hereby

ordered:              that a nominating committee of tommy hills, mary eleanor wickersham, and josh belinfante be formed to consider nominees for the position of advocate as required by o.c.g.a. § 15-11-172.  the nominating committee shall recommend for consideration at least three persons with knowledge of the child welfare system, the juvenile justice system, and the legal system that are qualified by training and experience to perform the duties of advocate as provided for in o.c.g.a. § 15-11-173.Preview

                                                                              this 12th  day of january, 2010.

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