Monday, May 11, 2009

Oxendine Joins Georgia Conservatives in Calling for a Veto override of HB 481

HB 481 is a pro-jobs bill helping Georgia small businesses willing to hire unemployed workers at a time when Georgia families desperately need jobs.

It is a free market, small government approach which would provide an appropriate level of state government involvement in the free market system. It is a tragedy that Georgia families cannot benefit from this important piece of legislation.

The JOBS Act of 2009 was one of the best pieces of legislation passed during this last Session. Tax cuts have proven to be a successful economic stimulus, both for the economy and the government. Lowering the taxes of businesses hiring those in need of jobs would have been a great incentive and helped both the unemployed and the business owner. Cutting capital gains taxes would have encouraged more investment into the state. It is a sad day when this type of legislation gets vetoed by a Republican Governor.

If I were Governor, I would make it a priority to sign any bill cutting taxes and encouraging economic development on the day after session ended. The people of Georgia need jobs and this free market approach to that problem should have been signed weeks ago, not vetoed today.

This is the type of stimulus Georgia needs and what Washington should have passed.

I call on the legislature to put the people of Georgia first and override the veto of HB 481.

It's time for real stimulus.

John Oxendine
Governor 2010

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