Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Statement by John Oxendine - Candidate for Governor of Georgia 2010 on the election of President-elect Obama:

Tonight, America spoke.

While millions of Americans are disappointed, even concerned, we remain a united America. Our country is blessed to be guided by a Constitution which has ensured a peaceful transition of
power longer than any other nation in the history of man. Tonight, our nation is at peace and our nation remains the single best hope for mankind.

America is in transition. However, America remains strong, free, and united. I congratulate President-elect Obama and hope that he will govern with a humble heart and inclusive manner and respect the Judeo-Christian values which have built America. Like so many conservatives, I am determined to stand as the loyal opposition, to fight for those conservative values that I consider vital to Georgia families. But, that is for another day. Tonight, I wish my friends Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin Godspeed and say thank you for your campaign
and I keep President-elect Obama and Vice-President-elect Biden in my prayers.

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