Saturday, February 23, 2008

An Atlanta BeltLine Site Demolition Goes Green

The City of Atlanta has started the clearing of Boulevard Crossing Park as part of the initial phase of the Atlanta BeltLine Project. The construction site is not a typical site of mass debris where bulldozers with wrecking balls smash the sides of the building until it crumbles to the ground. Instead the contractors have carefully disassembled the walls, frames, beams and siding using an alternative process called a “green” demolition.

The main appeal of “green” demolition is that materials from the building that have been carefully disassembled will be reassembled for use at another location. At Boulevard Crossing, approximately 90% of the building’s components, which included the blocks, frame, beams, and siding will be recycled and reassembled for a recreation facility for teenage boys in Moultrie, GA.

Kissberg Construction, the City’s contractor, was instrumental in facilitating this type of demolition using the standards outlined in the Leadership in Energy in Environmental Designing (LEED) for recycling. The crew sorted and carefully packaged the materials and components in a tractor trailer for the trip to South Georgia.

“It is a significant effort on the part of City and our partners to minimize waste and conserve resources by recycling the building materials for use at other sites,” says City of Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin. “The ‘green’ demolition process provides us with a major reduction in disposal costs while allowing the City to provide a building for use as a refuge for teenage boys.”

Once the components arrive at the site in Moultrie, GA and are assembled, it will become the new youth center. Bishop Julian Carter from the Triumph Church and Kingdom of God was awarded the donation from the City’s contractor for his youth ministry initiative called Take Me As I Am Redevelopment Program.

The Boulevard Crossing acreage was assembled by the Trust for Public Land and purchased by the City for about $9 Million through the City’s Opportunity Bonds, administered by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs.

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