Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Spot the Vigil Ford Fiesta" a New Community Promotion

Award-winning Allan Vigil Ford—an institution in South Atlanta for 30 years—loves giving back to the communities it serves. To help other businesses increase their visibility and generate new revenues, the dealership is sharing the colorful new Ford Fiesta with local businesses by parking it for a day at such locations as the Chick-Fil-A Dwarf House and Food Depot.

According to William Barber, spokesperson for Food Depot, “Our customers always want to see the latest and greatest in new products while they’re shopping for food. The colorful Ford Fiesta is certainly such a product, and Food Depot welcomes the opportunity to park the car in front of our store.”

This month, the dealership has launched the “Spot the Vigil Ford Fiesta” promotion which runs through April 1st at its two locations: Mt. Zion Boulevard in Morrow and Glynn Street North in Fayetteville. Each person who spots the colorful Ford Fiesta around town could win a Smart Phone with MyFord Touch capabilities. To enter, a person needs to snap a photo of the Fiesta and upload it to his Facebook Page; or visit one of the two dealerships and test drive a 2011 Ford Fiesta.

Moreover, anyone purchasing a new 2011 Ford Fiesta at Allan Vigil Ford in Morrow or Fayetteville will receive a 16GB iPad.

In addition, Allan Vigil Ford in Fayetteville will host the next Fayette County Chamber of Commerce “Business After Hours” on 24th where the Fiesta will be parked. To keep up with the location of the Fiesta at businesses and events where the Fiesta will be parked, follow Allan Vigil Ford at Twitter@VigilTouch, Facebook, and Foursquare, a volunteer website dedicated to promoting and sharing all things Foursquare around metro Atlanta.

If you are a local area business, organization or event and are interested in having the Vigil Ford Fiesta show up at your location, please call us at (404) 343-4377 or (404) 343-4377 or click here to email us for details.

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