Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Senator Hill calls on Governor Perdue to Sign Senate Bills 1 & Senate Bill 148

Senator Judson Hill called on Governor Sonny Perdue June 7 to sign two important Bills that help reduce the size of government and cut wasteful spending.

Senator Hill urges all Georgians to immediately call Gov. Sonny Perdue's office at 404-656-1776 asking him to sign (and not Veto) Senate Bills 1 and 148.

Senator Hill co-sponsored Senate Bill 1 - The "Zero-Base Budgeting Act" and Senate Bill 148- The "Government Accountability Act/Sunset Bill."

These bills are vital to reform state government and keep state spending in line. SB 1 is an important check on spending. Once signed into law, SB 1 would restructure the state's budget process requiring every state agency and department to start at zero every 4th year when creating their budgets instead of only assessing the budget changes from year to year. Every taxpayer dollar spent should be justified and spent in a fiscally responsible way. This is the only real way to weed out wasteful spending in state government.

SB 148 is a major step in reducing the size of state government. It requires that all state agencies and departments to be reviewed regularly to justify their existence or otherwise be eliminated. All programs, services and state agencies should be routinely examined to determine whether they provide essential government services as stated by the people of Georgia in our State Constitution. If the agency doesn't meet this test or programs are not essential state functions, then they should be eliminated, consolidated with another agency or we should explore privatizing its services.

Our federal and every state government should have these laws in place to protect its citizens. These two Bills are common sense conservative measures critical to cutting spending, reducing taxes and limiting the size of government.

Senator Hill worked to pass these two important measures and advocated for these principles when he stood up against the opposition to vote against tax increases several times this Session.

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