Friday, February 5, 2010

Automotive Expert Bobby Likis Demonstrates How to Safely Stop a Toyota

/PRNewswire/ -- Respected automotive industry expert & host of the nationally syndicated "Bobby Likis Car Clinic" broadcast, Bobby Likis performs a video demonstration of safely stopping an out-of-control, accelerating Toyota. The guest of the ABC TV Gulf Coast affiliate, Likis simulates the emergency using a "panic stick," then brings the recalled Toyota model to a full & safe stop.

"This easy-to-do technique should be shared not only with every recalled Toyota owner, but also with every 911 operator," said Likis. "And this simple procedure works with every car, not just Toyotas." Then Likis warns, "Many people think that pushing hard on the brakes is the answer to neutralize a stuck gas pedal or to re-gain control of renegade acceleration. This is not the case. While standing on the brakes at very low speeds may work without brake road speeds (especially out-of-control acceleration), this would not only NOT stall or stop the racing engine, it would likely overheat brakes & render them totally useless."

Go to to see the demonstration.

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