Thursday, September 3, 2009

Governor Perdue Announces Nearly $37 Million in Grant Awards

Governor Sonny Perdue today announced Georgia has been awarded nearly $37 million in federal grants from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the state’s Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) and Community HOME Investment Program (CHIP).

“The Community Development Block Grant program provides an essential financial resource to Georgia’s smaller communities in their efforts to fund projects that will assist low- and moderate-income citizens,” said Governor Perdue. “As communities large and small are making tough spending choices, today’s grant announcement represents an important funding source for programs that improve quality of life, economic development and job creation programs.”

Nearly $32.6 million allocated for CDBG awards will be used to support projects in 65 Georgia communities. Projects include water and sewer improvements, senior citizen facilities, health facilities, programs for at-risk children and replacement or rehabilitation of sub-standard and dilapidated housing. A complete list of projects and award amounts is included at the end of the news release.

The CDBG program is administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA), which uses funds allocated through HUD to support local initiatives that focus on improving living conditions and economic opportunities throughout the state.

Governor Perdue also announced that Georgia was awarded nearly $4.4 million in Community HOME Investment Program funds. CHIP funds will assist 15 Georgia communities increase the supply of safe and affordable housing for low- and moderate-income persons.

“CHIP funds remain an essential resource for those communities that seek to increase available units and improve the standard of living for their fellow Georgians,” said Governor Perdue.
Added DCA Commissioner Mike Beatty: “We are pleased that these funds will be used to fund critical community development projects. Each year, the annual CDBG and CHIP funding announcement demonstrates how federal, state and local partners are working together to support local communities.”

For more information regarding Georgia’s CDBG and CHIP programs, please visit DCA’s website at or contact DCA Assistant Commissioner Brian Williamson at (404) 679-1587 or In addition, an informational workshop for CDBG and CHIP recipient communities is scheduled for Sept. 24-25 in Pine Mountain. Recipient communities may direct workshop-related questions to Lisa Smith at (404) 679-5276 or .

A complete listing of CDBG and CHIP awards follows. Communities are listed in alphabetical order.

Community Development Block Grant Awards

Recipient, Project Description, Planned Amount
City of Alma, Sewer Improvements, $500,000
City of Arabi , Water Improvements, $468,144
City of Argyle, Water Improvements, $475,118
City of Ashburn, Multi Infrastructure Improvements, $500,000
Atkinson County, Health Center, $458,875
City of Baconton, Drainage Improvements, $499,964
Berrien County, Boys and Girls Club, $500,000
City of Blakely, Head Start Facility, $500,000
City of Boston, Sewer Improvements, $500,000
City of Canon, Water Improvements, $500,000
City of Carrollton, Health Center, $500,000
City of Cartersville, Drainage/Streets Improvements, $500,000
City of Chickamauga, Water/Sewer Improvements, $500,000
City of Cochran, Drainage/Streets Improvements, $465,998
Coffee County, Drainage/Streets Improvements, $500,000
City of Colquitt, Multi Activity Program, $703,378
City of Damascus, Water Improvements, $396,057
City of Donalsonville, Water Improvements, $500,000
Dooly County, Housing Improvements, $488,047
City of Douglas, Housing Improvements, $210,000
City of Douglasville, Boys and Girls Club, $500,000
City of Eastman, Sewer Improvements, $500,000
City of Ellijay, Sewer Improvements, $500,000
City of Greenville, Housing Improvements, $500,000
City of Griffin, Water/Sewer Improvements, $500,000
Hart County, Water Improvements, $500,000
City of Homeland, Drainage/Streets Improvements, $269,377
City of Homerville, Sewer Improvements, $500,000
City of Leesburg, Drainage/Streets Improvements, $500,000
City of Milan, Drainage/Streets Improvements, $497,761
City of Milledgeville, Housing Improvements, $453,918
City of Millen, Sewer Improvements, $500,000
City of Molena, Water Improvements, $500,000
City of Monroe, Sewer Improvements, $500,000
City of Moultrie, Drainage Improvements, $500,000
City of Ocilla, Sewer Improvements, $400,775
Pierce County, Drainage/Streets Improvements, $497,711
City of Pineview, Water Improvements, $462,808
City of Portal, Sewer Improvements, $489,840
City of Quitman, Multi Activity Program, $800,000
Randolph County, Drainage/Streets Improvements, $465,049
City of Reynolds, Sewer Improvements, $500,000
City of Richland, Water Improvements, $500,000
City of Ringgold, Sewer Improvements, $500,000
City of Rockmart, Multi Activity Program, $800,000
City of Sandersville, Multi Activity Program, $800,000
City of Siloam, Water Improvements, $331,900
City of Smithville, Housing Improvements, $500,000
City of Sumner, Water Improvements, $429,775
City of Sylvester, Water/Sewer Improvements, $500,000
Talbot County, Multi Activity Program, $800,000
City of Tarrytown, Water Improvements, $445,734
Taylor County, Sewer Improvements, $500,000
Thomas County, Drainage/Streets Improvements, $294,463
City of Thomasville, Drainage/Streets Improvements, $500,000
City of Thomson, Multi Activity Program, $800,000
Tift County, Drainage/Streets Improvements, $500,000
City of Toccoa, Multi Activity Program, $589,959
City of Union Point, Water Improvements, $500,000
City of Uvalda, Sewer Improvements, $485,000
City of Varnell, Senior Center, $500,000
City of Warrenton, Sewer Improvements, $500,000
City of Woodland, Drainage/Streets Improvements, $295,753
City of Wrens, Sewer Improvements, $500,000
City of Wrightsville, Sewer Improvements, $500,000
TOTAL, $32,575,404

Community HOME Investment Program Awards

Recipient, Project Description, Amount
Ben Hill County, Housing Improvements, $300,000
City of Cartersville, Housing Improvements, $300,000
Dooly County, Housing Improvements, $300,000
City of Douglas, Housing Improvements, $281,605
Hall County, Housing Improvements, $300,000
City of LaGrange, Housing Improvements, $300,000
Lowndes County, Housing Improvements, $300,000
City of Marshallville, Housing Improvements, $300,000
City of McIntyre, Housing Improvements, $300,000
Randolph County, Housing Improvements, $300,000
City of Rockmart, Housing Improvements, $300,000
City of Rome, Housing Improvements, $300,000
City of Sandersville, Housing Improvements, $300,000
City of Thomasville, Revitalization Area Strategy, $200,000
City of Tifton, Housing Improvements, $300,000
TOTAL, $4,381,605
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