Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shuttle Service to the World's Busiest Airport Becomes Carbon Neutral--The Atlanta Link offsets Carbon Footprint

(PRWEB) -- "We wanted to give back to the environment," said The Atlanta Link General Manager, Lily Santander. "We strive to run our operations as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. We do a lot of the little things to help achieve this goal. We require our drivers to turn off their vehicles when they don't have passengers on board, and we also have a daily maintenance check list that improves our fuel mileage and operational efficiency."

"All of the little things add up," said Verus Carbon Neutral's Eric Taub. "It takes a big fleet to service an airport as large as Hartsfield-Jackson. Saving a few gallons of fuel each day because your tires are properly inflated really adds up. We also discovered that The Atlanta Link is recycling, reusing printing paper and switching to T8 Alto II fluorescent lights."

The Atlanta Link offset the annual emissions of their fleet of 19 vehicles and their administrative office with a Georgia forestry project, managed by Valley Wood Timber. Certified and registered with the Chicago Climate Exchange, the project protects over 60,000 acres of forest and proceeds support the Humane Society.

Verus Carbon Neutral is a member of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), the world's first and North America's only active, voluntary and legally binding offset trading system. Verus Carbon Neutral provides high-quality offset projects that are third-party verified by the CCX. The Environmental Defense Fund recently recommended 12 offset projects, of which, seven were registered on the Chicago Climate Exchange.

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