Thursday, June 11, 2009

Engauge Helps Georgia Introduce New Business-Focused Website

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Engauge, a total marketing solutions agency, and the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD), announce the launch of a new business-focused website for the state of Georgia,

Charlie Gatlin, GDEcD’s deputy commissioner for tourism and marketing said, “Particularly today, with the economy being an overriding theme in business, GDEcD recognizes the need to be a strong voice for commerce in the state. is a comprehensive resource for doing business in Georgia, and represents our commitment to supporting and growing industry in the state.”

Engauge designed the website to broadly address issues that are unique to businesses. The website provides information on:

* the benefits of choosing Georgia, such as low business and living costs and education opportunities;
* doing business in Georgia, covering topics like relocation and international business;
* specific Georgia industry information, covering a dozen key strategic industries;
* community development, addressing such things non-profit development and chambers of commerce.

From a technology perspective, the site was designed “modularly,” meaning that areas of the site are moveable and allow for new content to be added and shifted around without the complication of making it fit a fixed design. In addition, the site was developed to give GDEcD control of the content, through the use of a content management system (CMS).

“In many ways, what makes a success is what you don’t see,” said Al Skelton, group account director with Engauge. “It’s all the behind the scenes stuff. Not only does GDEcD have a large amount of control in terms of content, the site also has a flexible design that gives them freedom in the placement of content. All of these things make the site a long-term solution for GDEcD.”

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