Friday, April 3, 2009

Zoo Atlanta Debuts New Parakeet Adventure

The parakeets have landed, and today, Zoo Atlanta’s Boundless Budgies:
A Parakeet Adventure opened with an official ribbon-cutting.

Long renowned for showcasing wildlife in naturalistic settings, Zoo Atlanta
raises wild encounters to new heights with the debut of a 2,200 square-foot aviary,
home to more than 500 parakeets (also known as budgies). The Boundless Budgies are
free to fly, roam, and forage throughout their new habitat. Guests will have the
opportunity to hand-feed the parakeets with specially-made seed sticks, encouraging
up-close-and-personal interactions unlike any other ever offered in Zoo Atlanta’s 120-
year history.

“It’s always exciting when a new exhibit opens at Zoo Atlanta, however what makes this
experience so special is its interactive nature,” said Dennis Kelly, President and CEO.
“We are proud to bring citizens of Atlanta the largest aviary in the Southeast.”

Representing one of numerous subspecies of parakeets, budgerigars, or “budgies” as
they’re familiarly known, are often seen in flocks numbering in the thousands in their
native Australia. Gregarious and highly active during daylight hours, the birds roost in
trees but are equally comfortable on the ground. Their outgoing nature and
perpetually busy behavior also adds a visually stunning component to the aviary, which
also features lush landscape work, pools and brooks.

The product of over a year of construction and design, the aviary is
the largest of its kind in the Southeast and one of the largest in the U.S.

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