Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Leading National School Security Experts Reflect Upon the Post Columbine Era: 10 Years Later and What Schools Have Done to Safeguard Our Children

/PRNewswire/ -- It will be difficult to treat April 20th as just another school day. It will be the 10th anniversary of the second most violent act at a U.S. school; the first occurring in Bath, Michigan on May 18, 1927, just prior to another economic downturn.

Brunner and Lewis believe it is important to remember some disillusioned individuals still idolize the Columbine shooters. High profile anniversary dates can become a focal point for contemplating violence, and the effects of financial despair can drive some to violent behavior.

Brunner and Lewis believe schools using the following seven strategies have reduced the chance of another Columbine like tragedy.

1. School and law enforcement partnerships - Many schools have police officers assigned to campuses and information is shared on crime and threats of violence.

2. Increased communication efforts - Parents and students are encouraged to report threats of violence. Many schools utilize anonymous tips lines.

3. Anti-bullying initiatives - Many schools have adopted strong bullying prevention policies, including reporting and training requirements.

4. Threat Assessment Teams investigate and guide responses to serious threats of violence - Trained teams of staff use the latest research from the Department of Education, Secret Service and the F.B.I.

5. Student support groups and counseling efforts - Many schools offer programs to assist disenfranchised students and those identified as at-risk for engaging in violent behavior.

6. Comprehensive Emergency Response Plans - Schools have plans for armed intruders, active shooters, and hostage incidents. Many schools now train in how to respond to acts of school violence.

7. School designs incorporate best practices for security - Designs include strategies limiting public access, the ability to rapidly secure doors, and multiple access points to communication systems.

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