Monday, April 20, 2009

Information update as of 14:00 ADT from Kent Woodside, Vice President and General Manager, CanJet Airlines

/PRNewswire/ -- CanJet Airlines has released more information about the return of passengers and crew who were on board Flight 918.

A CanJet aircraft is currently en route to Montego Bay from Toronto. It's anticipated that passengers will be carried from Montego Bay to Santa Clara, Cuba, this evening. From Santa Clara, the flight will return to Halifax overnight with passengers destined for Canada.

Precise times of departure and arrival will be made available as they are confirmed as will the exact number of passengers returning. This is due to the indeterminate nature of processing passengers locally and on-the-ground logistics.

It is also anticipated that the crew will be returning separately overnight to Halifax.

We understand all of the crew and passengers are comfortable and their immediate needs are being met.

While CanJet continues to assist the authorities in the on-going investigation, our priority remains the well-being of the passengers and crew.

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