Monday, March 2, 2009

More Stranded Snowstorm Victims - 8 Hours on the Tarmac at Atlanta's Hartsfield

/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Having your flight canceled because of the snowstorm is bad enough, but imagine having to sit helpless and strapped in, on the tarmac, for as long as 8 hours beforehand.

That's what happened yesterday at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where passengers on dozens of flights were forced to sit on the tarmac for as long as 8 hours waiting for a takeoff that in most cases never happened.

"It was like being in a concentration camp!" said Maureen Sternberg of Palm Beach who was stranded on the tarmac in ATL. "No food, no water, no help and lies from the cockpit".

Sternberg said that pilots and the crew repeatedly assured her and other passengers that takeoff was imminent, but she described a series of miscues that ultimately forced her to sit on the tarmac for more than 7 hours on Delta Flight #1725, only to have the flight cancelled.

"Delta Airlines clearly has a flawed system of deicing in Atlanta. Many of the victims of yesterdays horrifying event reported having to go through the deicing line up to 3 times prior to take off. This is identical to 4 days in January of last year." Apparently Delta doesn't want to invest in more deicing pads and anti-icing fluid which would protect passengers from these horrific events.

"Snowstorms happen, but forcing paying customers to sit in a locked metal tube for hours at a time should not," said Kate Hanni, President of

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