Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tree Seedlings Available to Georgians

The Georgia Forestry Commission is offering residents an inexpensive way to help the
environment, reduce energy costs, beautify landscapes, and attract wildlife. Tree seedlings grown at the GFC Nursery provide these benefits and more. Several species of pine and hardwood are now available at low cost, can be ordered by phone, and delivered to the local county forestry unit for pick up by purchasers.

“This is the perfect time for planting trees,” said Russ Pohl, Chief of Reforestation for the GFC.
“Seedlings are dormant during the cold, wet months and are easily stored and shipped. Planting
now gives the young trees plenty of time to reestablish root contact with the soil, and rainy weather reduces their need for additional water. All in all, this is the very best time for planting trees in Georgia.”

Research shows trees improve air quality by sequestering carbon, the byproduct of burning
fossil fuels, and by intercepting airborne particulates. One acre of trees produces enough oxygen
for 18 people every day and provides valuable storm water runoff services. In addition, statistics
show healthy trees can add up to 15 percent to residential property value. Strategically placed
trees can reduce summer cooling costs by as much as 30 percent, while contributing to landscape aesthetics and the attraction of songbirds and other wildlife.

“It’s easy to order GFC seedlings and we provide information and guidance on getting them
planted on consumers’ property,” said Pohl. “We look forward to helping our customers learn more about this renewable Georgia resource.”

To order GFC seedlings, call 1-800-GA-TREES, or download an order form at GaTrees.org.

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