Friday, January 16, 2009

Coca-Cola Enterprises Launches Largest Hybrid Electric Delivery Trucks in North America

Today Governor Sonny Perdue and EPA Deputy Regional Administrator Stan Meiburg joined Coca-Cola Enterprises Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John F. Brock to announce the deployment of the largest hybrid electric delivery trucks in North America.

“I want to commend Coca-Cola Enterprises for receiving this award, and I am proud that this great company relies on Georgia as its home base,” said Governor Perdue. “Their investment in hybrid electric vehicles distinguishes the company amongst its peers and ensures that it remains at the forefront as a true leader in corporate responsibility and sustainability.”

The hybrid electric tractors announced today are the standard bulk delivery truck the company uses for large deliveries. They use about 30 percent less fuel and produce about 30 percent fewer emissions than standard tractors. A motor/generator, working with the transmission and a series of lithium ion batteries, allows the truck to source electrical power instead of gas when traveling at speeds below 30 MPH, reducing emissions and fuel use.

CCE plans to incrementally deploy 185 of the hybrid electric trucks across the United States and Canada in 2009, bringing their total number of hybrid electric delivery trucks to 327, the largest such fleet in North America. The company already has 142 smaller hybrid electric delivery vehicles on the road.

Meiburg, who presented CCE with a leadership award on behalf of the Southeast Diesel Collaborative for the company’s commitment to hybrid vehicles to reduce diesel emissions, added, “EPA is proud to recognize the efforts of Coca-Cola Enterprises to improve air quality and protect public health. Emissions from diesel engines are a serious public health threat and environmental challenge, and reducing these emissions is a priority for EPA.”

“Coca-Cola Enterprises has long been responsive to the needs of our local communities, and the continued expansion of our hybrid-electric fleet here in our hometown of Atlanta and across North America demonstrates our commitment to energy efficiency and climate change,” said Brock. “With the deployment of our newer, larger hybrid delivery vehicles, CCE is continuing to explore ways to help our customers and communities through our corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts. These efforts help us capture operational efficiencies, drive innovation and effectiveness, and eliminate waste while simultaneously protecting the environment.”

Beginning in 2001, CCE began an intensive research and design program with their suppliers to develop, test and produce hybrid electric trucks. The company plans to deploy the large hybrid tractors to: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington, DC. Additionally, the company plans to deploy incremental hybrid 12-bay trucks to Albuquerque, Columbus, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, and Montreal.

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