Thursday, October 16, 2008

Troup County's Long Cane Creek Project Nears Completion

Local efforts currently in progress are nearing completion on Long Cane Creek, and nearing completion. In conjunction with Ronny D. Jones Enterprises Inc., the culvert project has recently entered its second phase of progress, during which the portable dam system was moved and reconfigured to render construction possible.

The system, appropriately named Portadam, allows for a versatile range of water diversion purposes.

Due to its innovative design, it was maneuvered to address the specific on-site needs of the Ronny D. Jones Enterprises, Inc. crew, increasing the overall timeliness and efficiency of this municipal project.

Portadam’s technology makes use of a steel frame structure that supports an impermeable fabric liner, which can form a wall capable of holding back up to ten feet of standing or running water.

As a result, working areas that were previously hazardous or hidden under water are dry and easily accessible for work and repair.

Portadam allows water to be temporarily diverted and is environmentally preferred over sandbags or cumbersome cofferdams.

The system literally parts the water in order to allow for access to or construction of structures which would typically be submerged.

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