Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Trauma Center Locator Map Shows If Georgia Counties Are Within the “Golden Hour”

A new interactive trauma center locator map shows whether you, your family and your friends can get to a Georgia trauma center within the “golden hour.”

A trauma patient's chances of survival increase dramatically if he or she receives care within the "golden hour" immediately following injury. Rapid response by emergency medical technicians in ground and air ambulances is critical. So is the distance to the nearest trauma center - a special hospital facility with the resources and medical specialists to handle the most severe injuries.

The trauma center locator map, which is part of the http://www.georgiaitsabouttime.com/ trauma awareness Web site, shows how far each county is from the nearest Georgia trauma center. You simply click on a county to see if it is within an hour of a trauma center.

The map shows that all or parts of more than 50 counties in South Georgia are not within the golden hour.

The golden hour is defined as within 50 miles of a trauma center. Distances are estimates and do not account for traffic delays.

Georgia is served by only 15 trauma centers – about half the number needed, according to state health officials – and many areas of the state currently lack access to adequate emergency transportation. As a result, trauma death rates are significantly higher than the national average. If Georgia’s death rate improved to the national average, it would mean a difference of as many as 700 more lives saved every year.

The trauma center locator map is part of the Georgia It’s About Time trauma awareness campaign which is funded through a grant from Healthcare Georgia Foundation. The campaign is aimed at helping to establish a statewide trauma system that will serve all Georgians, including many in rural areas of the state that are currently lacking access to adequate emergency transportation and trauma care.

About the Trauma Awareness Campaign and the Georgia Statewide Trauma Action Team
(GSTAT): The trauma awareness campaign is designed to educate Georgians about the need for a statewide trauma system. It is funded through a grant by Healthcare Georgia Foundation (www.healthcaregeorgia.org.) The Georgia Statewide Trauma Action Team (GSTAT) is a coalition of hospitals, EMS providers, physicians, nurses, local government officials, business leaders and others interested in creating a statewide trauma system. For more information, please visit www.georgiaitsabouttime.com.
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