Thursday, October 2, 2008

Burn With Caution Advises Georgia Forestry Commission

Fall is in the air and soon you may be ready to burn a pile of yard debris. But before you strike the match, the Georgia Forestry Commission has some reminders to help you do that safely.
“The annual air pollution burn ban that covers much of north Georgia will be lifted on October first,” said Alan Dozier, Chief of Forest Protection for the GFC. “Outdoor burning is not permitted until after that date. And remember, a burn permit is always required.”

Residents who want to burn outdoors can obtain a permit by calling 1-877-OK-2-BURN. The call automatically advises if local conditions are appropriate for burning fires measuring less than 6’ x 6’. The caller’s zip code, telephone number and the call’s date and time stamp serve as a burn permit for both the caller and the GFC.

Residents may also contact their local GFC office for a permit or get one through the GFC website at

“Georgia’s ongoing drought is still of concern,” said Dozier, “and the major cause of wildfire is debris burning that gets out of control. “In some instances, specific conditions will prohibit burn permits from being issued.”

According to Dozier, only yard debris can be burned. The burning of paper, household trash, plastics, or other man-made materials is prohibited and invalidates the permit. Fires are required to be extinguished by dusk and the permit holder must take adequate precautions to prevent flames from escaping. The automated system applies only to fires being burned outside city limits. Inside city limits, homeowners are required to call their local fire department for permission to burn. Landowners seeking permission to burn forest lands, agricultural space, or
debris piles larger than 6’ x 6’ should continue to call their local GFC County Office.

“With everyone’s vigilance, we can reduce the risk of wildfire and enjoy a beautiful autumn season,” Dozier said.

For more information on safe burning and forestry in Georgia, visit

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