Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Colonial Pipeline Returns to Pre-Hurricane Delivery Rates

BUSINESS WIRE --Colonial Pipeline yesterday achieved the same flow-rates for gasoline deliveries as the pipeline managed before Hurricanes Gustav and Ike hit the Gulf Coast refining region earlier this month.

After each of the hurricanes, Colonial’s pipeline quickly returned to full capability. However, supply shortages nonetheless occurred as a result of damage and shutdowns suffered by Louisiana and Texas oil refineries impacted by the hurricanes.

The refineries’ reduced output has resulted in market shortages and gas lines in many markets served by pipeline systems in the Southeast. Colonial is making every effort to support its shippers as they try to restore market stability.

The Colonial Pipeline system begins in Houston and crosses the South and East before terminating at the New York harbor. Colonial is a common carrier, meaning it does not own the fuels it transports but delivers them at the direction of its customers.

Deliveries within specific, local markets are determined by the terminal operators Colonial serves.


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