Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Valdosta is TitleTown USA

GFP Note: Kudos to Valdosta and to Valdosta State!

Ballots were cast, votes are in and ESPN announced to the nation that Valdosta is TitleTown USA during the July 28 "SportsCenter" broadcast.

Local officials received word on Saturday that ESPN reporter Wendi Nix and production crew would return to Winnersville to film a segment for the broadcast. Jessie Tuggle, VSU alumnus and former linebacker with the Atlanta Falcons, accepted the TitleTown USA trophy on behalf of the entire community. Lt. Governor Casey Cagle was on site to congratulate the city and a crowd of many fans, all dressed in the colors supporting their favorite schools, cheered as ESPN presented the honor.

The award comes after the July 16 "SportsCenter" broadcast, which featured Winnersville as a finalist and showcased thousands of local sports fans displaying the unity and spirit that won the title. Local legend Randall Godfrey made his case for why Valdosta could stand proudly as a finalist beside major cities like Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco, as well as why the southern powerhouse deserved the title. After the nation witnessed Valdosta's attributes and spirit, votes were cast, setting Valdosta above the rest.

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