Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nexxus Lighting Illuminates Georgia Power Wrap

BUSINESS WIRE--Nexxus Lighting, Inc. (NASDAQ:NEXS) today announced that its Advanced Lighting Systems business unit has completed a lighting project for the Georgia Power Wrap.

The Power Wrap is an art installation created for The Georgia Institute of Technology by Amy Landesberg Architects with students from the Power Wrap Workshop, College of Architecture and the Georgia Institute of Technology. It was a recipient of an American Institute of Architects Merit Award and earlier this month received an Award of Excellence from the Atlanta Urban Design Commission. The project goal was to screen the unsightly substation equipment that spread over several acres. It consists of a 500-foot-long screen made up of 75 20-foot-high panels; each panel has 3 sections of differently rotated vertical steel louvers, so that visibility varies depending on orientation. In daylight there is a visually rich pattern of light and shadow and at night, a surprising display of color and movement provided by programmed LED light fixtures.

The project used 36 color changing LED LiveLED100s for the light sources and the system was controlled using the Sunlight DMX controller and software package by Nicolaudie. The result is a lighting system that creates pulses of color to provide a beautifully choreographed light show that is both animated and entertaining, stated Paul Benton, Regional Sales Manager for Advanced Lighting Systems.

Nexxus Lighting is a leader in advanced lighting technology, including solid-state LED and fiber optic lighting systems and controls used in commercial, architectural, signage, swimming pool, entertainment and retail lighting. Nexxus Lighting sells its products through its SV Lighting, Advanced Lighting Systems, Lumificient and Nexxus Lighting Pool & Spa business units under the Savi®, eLum, LiveLED, Super Vision® Fiber Optics and Advanced Lighting Systems Fiber Optics brand names.

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