Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Infinity Insurance Extends $1.99 Gas Promotion

PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- For the second time in three weeks, some Atlanta drivers will enjoy $1.99/gallon gas thanks to Infinity Insurance.

As a continuation of its Refueling Summer event, Infinity will host $1.99 gas on July 23rd, from 11am-2pm in Atlanta, GA. As before, the location will be announced on a special website,, just prior to the event. Area drivers lucky enough to make it to the event may pump up to 10 gallons of gas at the $1.99/gallon price subsidized by Infinity Insurance. As one customer put it from the July 10th promotion, this savings at the pump, "could represent a meal on the table."

Infinity pumped over 3,200 gallons of gas in its first Refueling Summer event and hopes to match that this time around. "These events simply give us an opportunity to tell our story. We've been saving customers money on auto insurance in Georgia for almost 40 years, and now we're taking that savings to the pump," says Dan Davis, a manager with Infinity.

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