Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hurricane Bertha Weakening

Bertha, after briefly becoming a major hurricane, is now weakening. It's moving toward the northwest at about 10 mph and at 11 a.m. EDT was centered about 975 miles southeast of Bermuda.

Continued weakening is likely over the next day or two, as is a further slowing of its forward motion and a turn to a more north-northwest track.

The factors in Bertha's weakening include upper-level wind shear, the ingestion of drier air and a path over somewhat cooler water.

There are additional indications now that Bertha will eventually turn to a north-northeast course and miss Bermuda to the east. Residents of that island should continue to closely monitor the hurricane's progress, however.

Elsewhere, there are no disturbances of interest in either the tropical Atlantic or eastern Pacific Basins.

Lead Meteorologist, The Weather Channel
10:46 a.m. ET

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