Monday, July 14, 2008 Website Announced to Aid in Apprehending Suspects

Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Gregory Jones, FBI Atlanta, in conjunction with the Georgia Association of Bank Security (GABS), is pleased to announce the following new aid to crime fighting in Georgia:

A new publicly accessed web site,, is designed to assist law enforcement in the identification and apprehension of suspects throughout Georgia. This web site features images of persons who may be involved in criminal activity and wanted for questioning. Through this web site, the public is urged to click on the image to send comments or contact law enforcement (a direct link with contact information for Atlanta Crime Stoppers is provided) should they recognize any of these individuals or know their whereabouts. is sponsored by the member banks of the Georgia Association of Bank Security (GABS).

The Georgia Association of Bank Security (GABS) was formed in 1980 by Bank Security Directors from the Major Atlanta Financial Institutions, after discussions with each other found that they each had similar criminal activity that was affecting each others companies. They decided that one of the best ways they could help solve their own crimes was to help each other as a united group. They started sharing information about Bank Robbery Suspects and other financial crimes with not only each other but also the FBI, and Local & State Law Enforcement. They found out that not only was this group successful in solving crimes together, they could also be a unified force in making changes in security training, and driving new development for security equipment.

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