Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Georgia Tech Groups Support Local Food Efforts

The Georgia Tech Office of Environmental Stewardship and the Georgia Tech Students Organizing For Sustainability have signed A Plan For Atlanta’s Sustainable Food Future: The Atlanta Local Food Initiative (AFLI). The plan outlines goals and objectives designed to create a food system that provides safe, nutritious, and affordable food from local, sustainable farms and gardens. The initiative, known as ALFI, seeks to “enhance human health, promote environmental renewal, foster local economies, and link rural and urban communities” (http://www.georgiaorganics.org/Files/ALFI.pdf).

“Georgia Tech has been a leader in sustainability for over a decade,” said Georgia Tech’s Director of Environmental Stewardship, Marcia Kinstler. “As advocates for a sustainable campus, we fully support initiatives involving local and organic food supplies.”

Georgia Tech students also support the ALFI initiative. Georgia Tech Students Organizing for Sustainability (GT S.O.S.) member Liam Rattray worked to bring local organic foods to campus through a community supported agriculture program. The program allows students, faculty, and staff to purchase fresh, organic produce on a weekly basis. The GT S.O.S also works to engage the Georgia Tech and Atlanta communities through discussions about buying organics, composting, and creating community gardens.

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