Tuesday, July 22, 2008

City of Atlanta Department of Public Works Saves $3 Million and Continues Weekly Collection of Garbage, Yard Trimmings, and Recycling

The City of Atlanta is pleased to announce continued weekly collection of garbage, yard trimmings, and recycling! Effective July 7, 2008 the City of Atlanta discontinued the use of a private vendor and begin collecting its own recyclables. This measure will save $3 million in the FY2009 Solid Waste Budget.

“As per our commitment to the Council during the budget briefings, we have continued to explore opportunities for increased efficiency within our solid waste collection, and have successfully re-organized our routes and crews to continue providing weekly collection of garbage, yard trimmings and recycling. Our customers will continue to have their recycling collected on the same day as their household garbage and yard trimmings” said Public Works Commissioner Joe Basista.

We hope to greatly increase the percentage of recycling in Atlanta. The recycling program has been expanded to include collection of cardboard. This new service will allow for cardboard to be picked up as part of the recycling collections, as long as it is broken down and dry. You may continue using your existing recycle container(s) or a larger container with a lid clearly labeled “Recycling”.

Initially, unsorted recyclables will be collected in compaction vehicles which look similar to vehicles being used for garbage and yard trimming collection. Once collected, these materials will be sorted at a local recycling center.

We will collect all paper, glass, aluminum/tin cans, cardboard and household plastics (except for bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and heavy duty plastics such as lawn furniture). We are also unable to accept hazardous materials or items that require special handling such as medical supplies.

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