Friday, June 27, 2008

Revised: Mayor Franklin’s Statement on Recent Atlanta City Council Budget Action

The Atlanta City Council is now asking the Administration to make an additional $14.6 million in cuts without cutting personnel. As I stated earlier, anyone who believes that the City can cut $14.6 million (the proposed Administration’s budget already included almost $60 million in cuts) without laying off current employees does not understand the operations of city government. It cannot be done, responsibly

This is a risky choice in a bad economy and the people of Atlanta will have to bear the burden of the Council’s decision to not do what is in the best interest of the residents, both short term and long term.

To balance the budget on the backs of employees is irresponsible, when they were offered an alternative of a modest tax increase in an effort to preserve gains in public safety and to maintain core services. The Council had the authority to do this but it is an unwise business decision and represents one of the worst public policy decisions I have seen in my 20 year professional career and it will have negative ramifications for the quality of life for the people of Atlanta.

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