Friday, June 27, 2008

Governor Perdue Challenges State Agencies, Businesses to Offer Commute Alternatives to Employees

With gas prices at near record highs, Governor Sonny Perdue today challenged state agencies and businesses to continue to expand commute alternative programs.

“Gas prices and long commutes are a challenge for many employees,” said Governor Perdue. “Many employers, including state government, have developed a range of options for workers that help them save on fuel costs and enjoy stress-free commutes. Continuing to offer these programs and expand them where possible is a great way to reduce congestion and help employees deal with the burden of high gas prices.”

Since Governor Perdue took office in 2003, state government has offered a range of commute alternatives to employees, primarily focused on teleworking. More than 30,000 state employees already participate in some form of commute alternative, saving almost 5 million commute miles each month.

These options range from teleworking, flexible work schedules and compressed workweeks. For example, the Technical System of Georgia has 6 of its 33 colleges testing four day weeks for its class schedules, saving commute costs for both students and teachers.

Governor Perdue also encouraged employers and employees that have not already signed up with the Clean Air Campaign to visit and investigate commute options. The Clean Air Campaign has seen a five-fold increase in the number of commuters it serves over June of last year. The Governor also recently recorded radio ads for the Campaign that will run later this fall.

Today’s visit to the Cumberland CID’s Commuter Club luncheon celebrated the 100th Vanpool started by the CID program. These vanpools carry nine passengers each, the equivalent of 900 single occupancy cars that would otherwise further clog the roads around the Cumberland area.

“The 100th vanpool for Cumberland CID’s Commuter Club shows that attitudes about commuting are changing,” Governor Perdue said. “In this era of record high gas prices and seemingly endless commutes, residents and business owners are taking action to reduce congestion, save money and lessen emissions into our air.”

Today’s announcements are just the latest of the Governor’s efforts to provide Georgians with commute alternatives and combat high gas prices. Earlier this month, Governor Perdue suspended the scheduled gas tax increase that would have gone into effect next week. He also announced an expansion of 28 new buses in the GRTA Xpress bus program and his support for a pilot commuter rail program from downtown Atlanta to the Lovejoy and Griffin area.
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