Sunday, May 4, 2008

PharmaCentra Introduces WellTouch First Fill™

PharmaCentra announces the launch of a new patient compliance program designed to encourage patients to follow through with prescribed treatments, starting with the critical first fill phase. WellTouch First Fill™ is designed specifically to assist patients with filling their first prescriptions. An average of 50 percent of first prescriptions are never filled, which means that patients fail to benefit from treatments prescribed by physicians.

With WellTouch First Fill™, an average of 80 percent of patients fill their first prescription, setting them on the path to long-term compliance and persistency – and ultimately, better treatment outcomes. The program features opt-in live reminder calls scheduled to assist patients with filling their first prescription. Once enrolled in the First Fill™ program, patients receive product and disease state information delivered by WellTouch™ Health Care Specialists via email or interactive voice responses.

“The First Fill™ program was developed based on our findings that patients respond better to live voice communications and, therefore, are more inclined to follow through with physician prescribed treatments,” said Dan Berman, chairman and CEO of PharmaCentra. “We work directly with clients to develop targeted messaging and education materials for patients about their disease state, dosing instructions and treatment options. The information is then communicated through our WellTouch™ Health Care Specialists, who establish interpersonal connections, facilitate effective information exchange and promote brand loyalty among patients.”

WellTouch First Fill™ increases patient compliance by giving patients control over their prescription regimens, while providing physicians and pharmaceutical companies with a better vehicle for communication. First Fill™ participants also receive trackable debit cards or vouchers that offer discounts to stimulate enrollment. These items also enable comprehensive data collection and analytics for fulfillment tracking and campaign ROI assessment. Early studies have shown that 80 percent of patients enrolled in the program filled their first prescription compared to the industry average of 50 percent.

About PharmaCentra

PharmaCentra, located in Atlanta, offers customizable programs that help pharmaceutical companies provide comprehensive support to the physicians and patients who depend on their brands. From compliance and persistency to strategic sales and marketing, PharmaCentra’s programs and services represent the future of healthcare management, offering clients integrated initiatives that allow them to effectively manage the flow of information between themselves, physicians and patients while increasing market share. For more information, contact Dan Berman, President and CEO, at 770-395-0088, ext. 2012, or visit

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