Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ackerman Security Systems Named Top Security Company in the Country

Ackerman Security Systems has been named ‘Dealer of the Year’ by Security Distributing and Marketing (SDM) magazine. Ackerman Security is the first Georgia company to receive the award, which is heralded as the pinnacle of success among electronic security companies nationwide.

“Ackerman Security Systems is devoted to providing the best home and business security systems available through innovation and superior customer service,” said Bruce Turry, president of Ackerman Security Systems. “The Dealer of the Year award is a great honor for everyone at Ackerman and for Atlanta as a whole because we’re a locally owned and operated business that has attained a uniquely superior national reputation.”

The company’s false-alarm prevention program is a key reason for accolades from its own industry. Since 2004, Ackerman Security’s False Alarm Prevention Program has reduced false alarm dispatches by 32-percent. The program includes comprehensive training for Ackerman customers, verification calls before dispatching first responders, and follow-up service for customers who experience two or more false alarms in a 60-day period.

"Never underestimate the value of your monitoring service,” said Jim Callahan, vice president of Ackerman Security Systems. “That’s why Ackerman has one of the most technologically advanced and currently certified central monitoring stations in Atlanta. We only monitor for our clients, and our central monitoring station is staffed only by Ackerman personnel."

Another primary reason for the award is Ackerman’s customer service. Every inbound telephone call, regardless of time or day, is answered by a customer service representative in Atlanta who is empowered to process and resolve any request without having to transfer the call to another department, while a dedicated quality assurance manager inspects newly installed systems, oversees customer satisfaction calls and develops training programs based on customer feedback.

“Our customers come first and we take their needs and concerns very seriously,” said Turry. “When somebody calls, we’re here for them. Our monitoring staff in Atlanta is trained to take very good care of our clients. The results of those efforts are seen in very high ratings for customer satisfaction and employee performance.”

“Ackerman Security won the Dealer of the Year Award for its superior marketing, sales and recurring revenue growth, false alarm prevention, customer service, and community involvement,” said Laura Stepanek, editor of SDM magazine, a leading security industry publication. “The Dealer of the Year has been awarded by SDM since 1980, and is one of the most prestigious awards in the security industry."

Ackerman Security was the first to introduce a series of new technologies and services to Atlanta. These advancements include being the first to offer a $1,500 Insurance Deductible Program, Radio Monitoring in case telephone lines are cut or are inoperative, U.L. (Underwriters Laboratory) certification for residential installations, yard signs with emergency locator numbers as a first line of defense against intruders and to enable quicker response by first responders.

The company also provides interactive remote video systems where customers can view distant locations from their desktop or laptop computers without the need for special equipment.

The company’s focus on customer care and innovative services has resulted in tremendous growth as represented by more than 40,000 clients nationwide and billions of dollars in assets protected. Ackerman Security increased its number of residential customers by 27-percent from 2004-2005 and 34-percent from 2005-2006, and is on track to repeat with a similar performance for 2006-2007. Ackerman’s commercial division also has doubled its client base in each of the last two years, including chain account clients nationwide.

Callahan is quick to point out that being part of the community is integral to the company’s culture.

“How can you effectively serve your community if you’re not an active part of your community,” said Callahan. “We’re involved with a lot of great organizations like Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, and the March of Dimes Foundation. It’s our responsibility as a good corporate citizen.”

Contributions to local police departments include the donation of demonstration kits for Crime Prevention Officers who work with homeowners and small business owners in Neighborhood Watch and Community Oriented Police Service (COPS) programs. Ackerman also hosts Continuing Education Unit (CEU) courses, including one on False Alarm Reduction Campaigns, which are attended by several metro Atlanta police departments.

“The combination of satisfied customers who have helped to spread the word about Ackerman Security, a superbly trained and dedicated staff, and new technologies that enable us to always improve the service we provide are all reasons for our growth and reputation in the industry,” said Turry. “We’re very proud of what we’ve been able to attain, and the valuable services we provide to our clients.”

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